Alhambra Shrine


Chattanooga Oasis of Tennessee

The History

On  September 15th, 1889, Illustrious Imperial Potentate Sam Briggs, the second Imperial Potentate in the history of the Ancient Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, made a trip to Chattanooga at the solicitation of a group of Masonic Leaders interested in the establishment of a Shrine Center in Chattanooga. The Presentation of the petition was made by Major George Cooper Conner, with the support of ten Master Masons prominent in the activities of the fraternity.

During his stay, the Shrine was organized under dispensation, and the Imperial Potentate appointed Major George Cooper Conner Illustrious Potentate of the new Shrine and directed him to arrange for the appointment of the other officers. At the suggestion of the newly appointed Potentate, the name "ALHAMBRA"  was adopted and included in the dispensation , when written. Thus, Alhambra became the fiftieth (50th) Shrine Center in the United States, and the first in Tennessee. The Charter was issued on June 23, 1890 and list the names of the charter members as; George Cooper Conner, Archibald Nevin Sloan, Orien L. Hurlbut, Arthur Gustavus Stivers, J. P. Steffner, John Bailey Nicklin, W. L. Shumate, Charles L. Morrison, Alexander Summers Glover, Thomas E. Stout and Edward G. Willingham.

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